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The Act enhances the disaster preparedness and capabilities of the national government and local government units by providing a National Disaster Risk Reduction Management System Framework, and by institutionalizing the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Plan.

They have really brought great hazards and danger to the people and the nation. During the overnight hours, hundreds of people were killed as flood waters and landslides destroyed homes along mountain sides.

My sister visited Bayug and Orchids Subdivision and she said that the place seemed to look as a sort of a ghost town. Similar storms that occur in other parts of the world are called tropical cyclones or hurricanes.

The remnants of Hurricane Katrina are still evident in New Orleans even as efforts to rebuild the city are still under way. It was a nightmare. With combined heavy rains and strong winds, Ondoy affectedfamilies or 4, people, making it fourth in the list of worst natural disasters in the Philippines in terms of number of people affected.

It is a tropical cyclone in the region of the Pacific Ocean or the China Sea. The second, or external reason, is the movement of the air masses. Archival Research Type Archival research is a method in which the sources of data are various types of documentations.

Mataba na ba talaga ang lupa para sa pagsusulong ng DRR sa panahon ni P-Noy kahit na kinakapos sa pondo ang gubyerno? Malabon posted four confirmed deaths, including a drowned year-old woman and an elderly man who suffered from a heart attack inside an evacuation center.

In some areas, houses had to be abandoned altogether for fear of the rising water level. The plants are all a mess. Trust God no matter what happens, remain in him faithfully is the key to our survival in everything that may happen.

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In total, the country has suffered an estimated total of 69 worth of damage and an estimated number of casualties in the span of four years.

Half of the new fatalities were recovered from Laguna de Bay, where they were believed carried away by rampaging flood waters that hit the capital and nearby provinces Saturday. Until about 12 midnight, I could hear our roof being battered by the winds. Typhoons can be detected days before they occur.

And to the place the risen layers, and at the same time the lower layers of the adjacent zones are retracted. Destruction of nature Significance of the Study The group has conducted this research to have benefits in these certain sectors: A total of 14 miners remained trapped at a mine site in Itogon town in Benguet province.

Because of this, environmentalists believe that the rate of endemism for the Philippines is likely to rise.Last September 26,Philippines was hit by a typhoon. The country's capital, Manila and nearby provinces was hit by cat 2 typhoon.

Typhoon Ondoy (Ketsana) was deemed a featherweight compared to the past typhoons that visited the country. Looking back: the records of Ondoy.

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Just after a week of Ondoy’s havoc, Typhoon Pepeng entered the country and also caused damages in the northern part of the country. Typhoon Ondoy started with strong rainfalls night on September 25 Many under-estimated its strength.

Unexpectedly, downpours began that may compare to a month rainfalls. Typhoon Ketsana, known in the Philippines as Tropical Storm Ondoy, was the second most devastating tropical cyclone in the Pacific typhoon season with a damage of $ billion and fatalities, only behind Morakot earlier in the season, which caused deaths and damages worth $ billion.

The storm was the sixteenth tropical storm Damage: $ billion ( USD). A typhoon is a violent tropical storm that is commonly experience in tropical countries like Philippines. It is a tropical cyclone in the region of the Pacific Ocean or the China Sea.

September 26, Typhoon Ondoy (international code name Ketsana) dumped millimeters of rain in the first six hours, the highest ever recorded rainfall in the metropolis.

The previous record was millimeters over a 24 hour period 42 years ago.

Essay typhoon ondoy
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